Reflected Networks Public Anycast Services

Reflected Networks provides a number of public services and utilities using anycast from it's multiple PoP's across the world. Public recursive nameservers, public timeservers, and mirrors of popular open source projects. You may also test downloads from any of our PoP's, as well as run a traceroute from any of our locations.

Public Network Services
The services listed below are anycast throughout our network - this means by using the IP's below, you will be contacting the closest PoP to you (e.g. you live in the midwest, you will likely be contacting our Chicago PoP vs. our San Jose PoP). If one PoP is having issues for any reason, you will be directed to the next closest. By utilitizing this method, performance and available is greatly increased.

Recursive DNS
Groundrules: Reflected reserves the right to restrict or otherwise deny access to any host it deems neccessary for performance or abuse reasons. We ratelimit DNS queries to no more than 100 lookups per minute per IP, which is more than sufficient for most home and small business uses. If you have a legitimate need for more, please contact and we will look into raising the limit for network(s) you control.

Network Time Protocol
Reflected maintains a stratum 2 NTP peer group throughout it's anycast locations. To contact this cluster use the following IP.
NTP Server (
Groundrules: We limit NTP requests to 50 per minute per IP. Contact us if you have a legimate need to increase this limit.